Challenges . . . Growth or Destruction

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Challenges create opportunities for growth not destruction.

At times I believe we wait on the sidelines for something dramatic or should I say drastic to transpire in our lives before we take action. It could be a divorce, an illness, loss of a job, or traumatic event that brings us to our knees.

No, I am not saying these types of occurrences are not valid in their pull of bringing us a ‘wake up call’ for change.

But . . . .

Have you ever thought that maybe those types of things could be avoided if we would have made an initial move towards change before or when the warning signs were blaring?

How long does it take for someone or something to tap us on the shoulder to get our attention?

How many times does the fire have to burn us until we realize we need help?

I am not sure about you. I can only speak for myself. I’ve been down that road of ‘waiting till the last minute’. I’ve spun the wheel to see where the ‘blame pointer’ lands. I’ve been in denial so that I could justify my preservation.

I’ve even kept truth from hitting me in my gut!

But . . . where did any of that get me?

No where . . . No one . . . Nothing . . .

I still found myself in a miserable spot swimming in my own . . . ‘you know what’.

The warning signs are always subtle.

A glance, a smell, a taste of something called . . . Freedom . . .

Then the desire to get out of where you are becomes stronger than the complacency of your present.

It’s at that moment that a risk has to be taken. A risk that brings about a change that is so powerful that it shakes every core of your being and affects those around you.

“True change takes place when a person begins to accept the place of truth of where they are and sees clearly the vision of where they are suppose to be. True change begins the moment light shines on the darkness of ones mind. Eventually, bringing about an internal catapulting desire to remove oneself from their wasteland, taking that first step towards their purpose.” ~ Insightful Reflections of the Human Kind by Jennifer Goodson © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

We are all given a free will. We are all given a choice. We can choose to live or to die. We can choose to walk in freedom or bondage. We can choose to be a son or a slave.

The first step towards change involves your choice to believe in yourself and all that God has purposed for your life.

Be brave enough to believe the truth about yourself that God has spoken to you, over you, and through others to you.

Don’t you think it’s time to turn off the tormenting lies of the enemy?

Be BRAVE and embrace Gods truth for you!

Choose to change and you will find your future right around the corner . . .

Why wait for something to happen first?

I encourage you to except the challenge to grow to BE THE CHANGE that needs to happen – You go first and let’s see what happens!

~ Jennifer Goodson 2008-2015 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Brake 5 and all written works

The Brake 5 staff and Jennifer continually hold times of prayer for those who have sent in their requests every Saturday. To submit a prayer request click here.

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Prepare for Worship . . .

Created by Jennifer Goodson Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Worship is not a performance.  It is a demonstration of the love towards an ever faithful, forgiving, loving, LIVING God. One must make sure that their motivation is pure before picking up the mic, the guitar, a paintbrush, putting on the dance shoes, sitting down before the drums, or placing their hands on the piano. God sees all and knows who truly is worshiping Him or who is worshiping self. A heart motivated for an audience of one is whom God seeks to lead an audience of many into His presence. As for the those who worship remember worshiping the Father is not for a scheduled event – worship is an ongoing, loving relationship between you and your Creator – Worship is a lifestyle that is only seen by ONE; whom He choses to observe the view is up to Him.

A Prayer of Worship

Are we like Saul that we calm our spirits with a sound of the harp but our heart’s do not change!
A pure and holy sanctuary we are to become.
Let’s not make this a mundane ritual where we come in and get a “quick fix”; leave and forget His presence throughout our coming days.
Let it be a transformation of who You are within us!
Present our bodies as pure, blameless, holy vessels before the Throne of God, that He may cleanse us.
Make it an experience that changes the very way that we breathe!
Oh Father! That we may seek You in the secret place that Your face may turn our way and find us pure of heart.
That You may embrace our praise and worship given freely to You, Our King!
Help us not come in Your House without seeking You beforehand.
Let our time as One Body be an expansion of what our relationship is with You throughout our days.
Please, Our Father, embrace us! Embrace Your children!
You are the one we seek, the one we adore!
Oh, Father, purge this darkness from inside of us and make us Your spotless Bride!
Oh, let us not be like Saul but like David who knew the truth came through worship and worshiped the true life giver.
You are the hope from which we gain our strength! You are our Redeemer!
The more we seek You, the more we find You, the more Your heart opens to us.
Oh, Father let us hear, feel Your heartbeat! Find us pleasurable in Your sight!
Oh, Father, let us know Your Spirit that we live it, breath it, move with it, sing with it, create with it!
Let every fiber of our being be in one accord with Your Spirit! Let it pierce our lives, that our minds can not comprehend, fathom Your Splendor!
You are the one true God, Our Redeemer, Our Savior.                                                 ~ Jennifer Goodson 2006 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

~ Jennifer Goodson 2008-2015 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Brake 5 and all written works

The Brake 5 staff and Jennifer continually hold times of prayer for those who have sent in their requests every Saturday. To submit a prayer request click here.

Counseling Sessions and mentorship programs are free and offered by appointments only. If you are interested in obtaining counseling or joining a mentorship program with Jennifer please send an email to

love and trust

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Click here to download the updated “Ways to Connect” Schedule


Ministry Schedules for Keith & Jennifer Goodson
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APRIL 2015

Administrative Professional Luncheon ~ April 22Mail Attachment

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Event scheduled April 22, 2015 in Lake Placid, FL                                             Jennifer will be speaking on Balancing Life in a Driven Society

MAY 2015

Aglow Breakfast & Meeting ~ Saturday, May 2

Guest Speaker Jennifer Goodson will speak on inner healing with prophetic & prayer ministry following

9:00 a.m. Breakfast begins

Sebring Aglow Community Lighthouse
Meeting will be held at the Sebring Country Estates Clubhouse
3240 Grand Prix Drive
Sebring, FL (behind Walmart)
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Together Loving Christ Marriage Encounter ~ Friday, May 8

Pastors Keith & Jennifer Goodson

Pastors Keith & Jennifer Goodson

Keith & Jennifer Goodson will be speaking on 12 Ways to Honor, Strengthen, & Restore Your Marriage
6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Grace Bible Church of Sebring
4453 Thunderbird Road
Sebring, FL 33872
T.L.C. Married Couples Ministry is welcoming all married couples to join us for a night of support, encouragement, and spiritual enrichment. Keith and Jennifer Goodson will be talking about 12 ways to honor, strengthen, and restore your marriage. Please bring your favorite dessert or finger food to share.
Contact Grace Church at 385-3111 for child care.

A New Day Conference ~ May 13 – May 17
Keith Goodson will be ministering PROPHETIC LIVE ART
Keith & Jenn are excited about seeing everyone in Sioux Falls
Center of Life Church International
500 South 1st Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Contact Church office for more info 605-521-7303
Get registered for our “A New Day Conference” May 13-17! Registration before the conference is $35 and $40 at the door. You can register by calling 605-521-7303. We can not wait to see you there!!

JUNE 2015

Camp Meeting The House of Judah Ministries ~ June 9 – June 14
Keith and Jennifer will be ministering through the arts. The House of Judah Ministries Annual Camp Meeting day and evening services will be held at
The House of Judah Ministries
Apostle Lawrence Hardy
9126 Greenwell Springs Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
Contact the church for more information regarding the art workshop classes being offered by Keith Goodson.

September 2015

Just a sneak peak of info . . .
Arts Conference with Keith and Jennifer Goodson
September 25 – 27
Lake Placid Camp & Conference Center, Lake Placid, FL
Registration cost and other fine details will be disclosed in June of 2015. Make sure to save these dates on your calendar!

SHE Velocity

Brake 5’s Annual Women’s Conference
February 19-21 2016
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Growth is a choice …..